Only 80 intensive care beds available in Romania

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There are only 80 intensive care beds available countrywide and the situation is getting worse and worse amid a rate of around 9,000 cases of COVID-19 per day.

“The situation in the intensive care units will be degrading, for this stage is much too higher for the intensive care capacity in Romania. We saw that in the outbreak areas where many patients end up in waiting in the ER for a long period,” intensive care doctor Radu Tincu told Digi24.

The restrictions had a certain effect, as the number of infections stabilised, but they need to produce a higher effect than maintaining a plateau of 8,000-9,000 coronavirus cases per day, the physician said. He warned that the intensive care services will be overwhelmed and Covd patients will remain in the ERs or will be taken in other cities where there are intensive care beds available.

Those 80 intensive care beds left are very few, as we’ll end up in having 300 patients who will need intensive care procedures on a daily basis.  It’s mandatory that authorities re-assess the efficiency of the current restrictions, for they are not enough if they only can flatten the curve. A patient in serious condition needs two-three weeks in intensive care. It is essential for us to decrease the number of infections in the upcoming period,” Radu Țincu underlined.

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