Other two deaths caused by the Covid Delta strain in Romania. None of the victims was vaccinated

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Other two people infected with the Delta strain, the so-called Indian variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus have died in Romania. It’s about two men from Bacau who were not vaccinated against Covid-19. The had been in Finland.

One of the two victims was 35 and the other one was 62 years old.

The first death caused by the infection with this coronavirus strain was reported in Romania on June 24. It was a 72-year-old woman from Pitesti, Arges county, who had not taken the anti-Covid jab.

In Bacau there is a Covid-19 family outbreak, with six cases. One is the case of the man who had recently died, while the other five people developed no symptoms.

Four of the cases reported within the outbreak are confirmed with the Delta strain.

All people infected have been isolated, while their contacts have been placed under quarantine.

57 infections with the Delta strain have been confirmed in Romania so far in nine counties, with most of them being in Ilfov, Arges and Bucharest.

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