Over one third of Romanians would get the anti-Covid jab, 77pc want reopening of schools, survey finds


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According to a survey conducted by GSSC Avangarde in January on the issue of anti-Covid vaccination shows that almost 40% of the respondents say that “from the data they have so far” don’t believe in the efficiency of the anti-Covid vaccines, but over one third say that are pro-vaccination and that they will get vaccinated.

At the same time, 71% of the respondents say that the fact the Army is taking care of the vaccination campaign is a good thing.

The survey was conducted during January 15-17 by phone on a sample of 710 people.

Asked how worried they personally are about the Covid 19 pandemic, 48% replied they are worried, 11%- very worried, 27% less worried, and not worried at all-13%.

Questioned about re-opening of the schools on February 8, 77% of the respondents agreed to it, 16% did not agree, and 7% did not answer.

As for a new potential decision on a complete lockdown to protect against the Covid 19 pandemic, 79% say they would not agree, 14% would agree and 4% provided no answer.

Asked if they will personally get vaccinated against the coronavirus, 35% said they will certainly do, 27% have not decided yet, 30% said they would definitely not and 8% did not answer.

37% say are pro-vaccination, 27% do not have an exact stance or are not interested, 24% are against vaccination, while 12% did not answer.

37% believe in the efficiency of the anti-Covid vaccines, 39% don’t believe and 24% did not answer.

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