Overwhelmed by Covid-19 patients’ calls, SMURD Bucharest-Ilfov asks for help


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Assaulted again with calls from the COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms, the emergency service SMURD Bucharest-Ilfov has asked for help to their counterpart teams in the country, according to Europa FM.

Emergency teams form ten counties are expected in Bucharest on Wednesday to help firemen from the Bucharest-Ilfov area transport the health workers from the Public Health Direction to the patients who need to be tested for coronavirus.

The regular SMURD ambulance from the Capital and the neighbouring Ilfov county have been receiving thousands of requests on a daily basis for almost ten days. The ambulance requests here have doubled for consultations, tests and serious Covid symptoms, climbing to over 2,300 in the past ten days.

“At present there are five emergency squads from five counties deployed to help the teams from Bucharest and ten more other units are expected today. Their main mission will be to transport the teams of doctors to test the patients at home, but also to take over patients to the hospital units (…) There has been a rise in the number of cases in the past days, which is reflected in the number of decontamination that we carry out every day. For instance, there were 100 decontamination yesterday, and the maximum number registered so far during the pandemic was 150 decontamination per day. The trend is definitely upward”, said the spokesperson of the Bucharest-Ilfov Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, Daniel Vasile.

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