Pandemic trend following school start to be seen in 10-15 days, top epidemiologist says

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Professor Alexandru Rafila, chief of the Romanian Microbiology Society and Romania’s representative to the World Health Organization, said after a record high on number of COVID-19 cases today that ‘we don’t need to panic’. He explained that this rises in new infections is related to Romanians returning from vacation, adding that the impact of opening schools will be seen in statistics in the upcoming 10-15 days.

“I am interested in the trend, if it is upward we have to see where the growth curve is flattened and to see if there are actions to decrease this trend. I agree that the start of the school year will prompt growing cases of infections, but after 10-15 days. It depends on how important is this rise and who are the sick people, if they have underlying conditions, if they are adults, youngsters or children. If there is a rise of 10-20% the health system will cope with it. If the number of cases are doubling then the situation will radically change“, Rafila stated.

He added that it’s to be seen if the higher number of infections reported on Wednesday is a trend or a coincidence.

“We don’t need to panic. There will be days with many positive cases and today is one of these days. It is very important to find out if it is a trend or a coincidence (…) The high number of cases might owe to the fact that many returned from holiday in the first days of September,” Rafila said.

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