People crowding for anti-Covid jab at two vaccination centers in Bucharest. Appointment platform functional after lockout

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The second stage of vaccination against COVID-19 has kicked off on Monday after appointments had been made on Friday. People have crowded in two vaccination centers (at Marius Nasta Institute and at Alexandru Obregia Hospital), with many arriving earlier than the scheduled hours and voicing discontent that they are not vaccinated faster.

In the first hours on Monday the appointment platform was not working, and doctors had to enter the patientsț data directly by hand. The authentication page was not accessible.

The Special Telecommunications Service (STS) said it was a technical issues and solved it around 10:30hrs.

At Marius Nasta Pneumology Institute there are four vaccination centers, with 300 people scheduled to take the jab on Monday. Tens of people have queued from the early hours of the morning, impatient to enter. As the vaccines arrived late and the appointment platform was not functional, the vaccination procedure went a little bit slowly in the beginning.
360 people were scheduled for vaccination at Obregia center.

The fifth batch of anti-COVID vaccine produced by Pfizer BioNTech, consisting of 87,750 doses is arriving by air on Monday on the airports of Otopeni, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara.

The second stage of vaccination in Romania started on Friday, January 15, with over 300,000 people making appointments for vaccination by Monday,  with more than a half being elderly over 65.

The manager of Marius Nasta Institute, Beatrice Mahler told Digi24 that the immunization through vaccine doesn’t automatically mean that we can give up wearing face masks, arguing that the transmission of the coronavirus in the community is still high.

“There is a time window since which the virus enters the body and the moment when our immunity manages to respond. It is unknown yet if the virus is multiplying or not during that window, so that the people contracting the virus are an infection source. Till we have an answer to this question, it is advisable to wear the protection mask,” Beatrice Mahler said.

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