PM: Anti-Covid vaccination capacity up to 115,000 people a day. 144 more Pfizer jab centres opened as of today

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PM Florin Cîțu has announced this morning that, starting today, the anti-Covid vaccination capacity in Romania has reached 115,000 people per day.

The PM encouraged Romanians to get vaccinated, saying “it is the only way to get rid of the pandemic”.

“A joint effort is needed in order for us to get back to normality as soon as possible. Only if we all get involved, if we are responsible and keep on observing the sanitary rules, it is possible we get back our lives before pandemic”, Citu said.

At the same time, 144 new more vaccination centres for the Pfizer jab are opened as of Tuesday, with the the total number of flows for the Pfizer jab climbing to 948.

The coordinator of the national vaccination campaign, Valeriu Gheorghiţă, announced that 144 new more vaccination centres for Pfizer jabs will be operational as of Tuesday, April 13, with people on the waiting lists being already notified to make appointments.

Gheorghita used to say the past weekend that 80,000 people might be vaccinated in Romania as of Tuesday, on a daily basis.

As of April 20, another 41 new vaccination centres will be opened, with Pfizer jab allotted.

2,326,484 had been vaccinated in Romania by Monday evening, with 1,435,730 of them getting both doses.
Anyone can take the AstraZeneca jab even without appointment

Anyone wants to get vaccinated with the AstraZeneca  vaccine can do it even without having an appointment. The National Vaccination Committee has sent a memo that allows all vaccination centers that have AstraZeneca jabs to vaccinate upon request all people who come.

The decision has been taken upon the proposal of the coordinators of these vaccination centers, who said the units are empty and the health workers deployed there are sitting idle.

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