Poland sent Romania 50 oxygen. Hungary to take over 50 Romanian Covid patients. Monoclonal antibodies from Italy

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Poland has sent 50 oxygen concentrators to Romania through the European Civil Protection Mechanism, the Government announced on Wednesday. The equipment will be used for Covid patients from the Mobile Hospital in Lețcani, Iasi county.

„At the request of the Romanian state in order to provide support in combating the effects generated by the exponential increase of the number of confirmed cases SARS-CoV-2, addressed to the Emergency Response Coordination Center of the European Commission (ERCC), through CECIS by the Department for Emergency Situations and the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, today, October 13, 2021, 50 oxygen concentrators in Polish stocks arrived in Romania “, announces the Strategic Communication Group.

Poland has provided the transportation of these essential sanitary materials for the treatment of patients infected with the new Coronavirus who need oxygen. They arrived in Iași this morning and ISU Iași will receive the equipment, and then be transported to the modular unit in Lețcani.

The mobile hospital in Lețcani started receiving patients again, after the reopening was postponed due to problems with the oxygen installation. The first five patients were transferred on Tuesday evening from Sfântul Spiridon Hospital in Iaşi, according to the manager of the medical unit, Dr. Florin Roșu.

Hungary to take over 50 Romanian patients who need intensive car

Hungary will take over 50 COVID-19 patients from Romania, who require intensive care, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Wednesday, as quoted by Reuters.

Szijjarto announced that those 50 Romanian Covid patients will be treated in two hospitals from Hungary, with the two states to work out the logistics details in the upcoming days.

At present there is no spare intensive care bed for the Covid-19 patients in serious condition in Romania. All 1,676 available ICU beds across the country are occupied.

The Head of the Romanian Department for Emergency Situations, Raed Arafat used to say last week that there are talks with Hungary for the transfer of thee patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 who are in serious condition.

Plasma doses of monoclonal antibodies from Italy

Romania received aid from Italy in the form of 5,200 plasma doses of monoclonal antibodies. They can be used only for the treatment of moderate cases and it is very important to be administered at the beginning of the disease, to prevent complications. These antibodies, if administered in time, will prevent the virus from entering the cell.

5,200 plasma doses of antibodies, which are part of the treatment of average cases of COVID-19, were brought into the country with a Spartan military aircraft. It represents the help given by Italy, after Romania resorted to the European civil protection mechanism. Plasma doses were brought from the Lombardy region.

“It is a treatment that we have been waiting for some time and that has proven its effectiveness. It is important to administer it at the beginning of the disease, to prevent complications. It will not be able to be administered critically. We are talking about situations in which a patient is vulnerable, with chronic diseases, of a certain age, for which, at the beginning we want to prevent complications. These antibodies, if administered in time, will prevent the virus from entering the cell. It is what we want, so that complications do not occur “, explained Adrian Marinescu, infectionist doctor at Matei Balș Institute in Bucharest.

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