Prefect: Incidence of Covid infections tripled in Bucharest in the past 2 weeks


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The Capital prefect, Alin Stoica, said on Friday that the incidence of COVID-19 infections has tripled in Bucharest in the past two weeks, while the number of people who are getting vaccinated is very low, around 1,000 vaccinations per day, only with the first dose.

In the prefect’s view, the focus must be on vaccinating the healthcare workers to face the upcoming 4th wave of the pandemic. He proposed an information campaign in this regard, as no concrete action has been established yet to increase vaccination, with the “Government’s strategy being expected”.

“The number of cases has already started to rise in the last two weeks. From a very low incidence of 0.03 per thousand, I reached 0.1 per thousand. It is still a small incidence, but it has practically tripled in the last two weeks. We went from 6 to 14 cases to 40 cases. It was a peak of 54 cases the other day and we discussed possible measures: once – to increase resilience; and that means protecting the doctors, the staff who provide the care, so that they can perform their duties even when the tide rises. INSP estimates that somewhere in mid-September there will be a lot of cases, about 1,600 cases a day, which is a lot. Until then, we have to prepare, at least in Bucharest, because we estimate that in Bucharest-Ilfov there will be about half of the cases and then we have to prepare for the health system to cope “, Alin Stoica told a press statement.

According to him, the healthcare system is OK in terms of infrastructure.

“We need to make sure that the staff is okay and we need to put a lot of  focus on vaccinating health workers so that they are not affected by the next wave. To get there, ASSMB conducted a survey to understand the causes for which part of the medical staff is not vaccinated, let’s go to them with an information campaign, which is to be carried out “, added Alin Stoica, according to Agerpres.

He announced that a meeting between specialists and teachers on the vaccination against COVID-19 will take place next week. Alin Stoica said that teachers get in touch with students who are at an age when they cannot be vaccinated, as such they are more exposed and through them the virus can be transmitted more easily.

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