President: First batch of 1 million doses anti-Covid vaccine likely to reach Romania early next year

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President Klaus Iohannis announced that the vaccination strategy against the novel coronavirus has been approved in the meeting of the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT).

We approved the vaccination strategy against the novel coronavirus in the CSAT extraordinary meeting,” the Romanian President said after he visited the anti-COVID-19 vaccination centre at Romexpo on Thursday.

He also said that it is very likely that the first batch of the vaccine, namely approximately 1 million doses, reaches Romania early next year.

President Klaus Iohannis added that a high share of the Romanian healthcare workers intend to get vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2.

“It is very, very important to know that these types of vaccines that are now being approved are safe and effective, as they comply with the highest European standards. The team managing the vaccination campaign has already checked in hospitals, and (…) the intention to get vaccinated is already at a very high level among the medical staff. More than 80% of the healthcare workers want to be vaccinated, and, if all goes as planned, we may be able to complete this first vaccination campaign before summer,” the head of state pointed out.

Iohannis explained that the vaccination of several million people in just a few days requires opening vaccination centres, such as the one at Romexpo.

“In order to allow the vaccination of a very large number of people – we are talking about several million people who will be vaccinated in just a few months – the intention is to open such vaccination centres. What we have here today, and you will see the pictures, is a pilot project, what the vaccination centres will look like – with a reception area, a discussion area with the doctor, the actual vaccination area and a waiting area after vaccination,” said Iohannis.

He announced that there will be an electronic register to keep record of the vaccinations, adding that these types of vaccine involve a two-step vaccination.

“There is an electronic register where all vaccinations will be entered, an electronic register, obviously confidential, but evidence is needed from several points of view. The specificity of several types of vaccine, this time, is that it requires a two-step vaccination. So people who receive these types of vaccines will have to come twice at an interval that will be announced,” the President stated.

Iohannis also said that he is waiting for the vaccine to come and for the vaccination campaign to be carried through so that “we may start rebuilding, restoring everything that was slowed down, restarting the economy and getting back to normal”.

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