President Iohannis: No reason not to use all vaccines authorized within EU


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President Klaus Iohannis has told a press conference today that all vaccines approved by the European Union are safe. “There are no reasons to make us not use all vaccines authorized at European level,” the Romanian president stated amid concerns on the safety of AstraZeneca jab.

At the same time, the head of state has made a new call on the population to observe the measures against COVID-19, announcing that punctual measures will be taken in the areas where the epidemiological situation requires.

“Unfortunately, we are facing again a phase of visible increase of the number of daily infections and of the higher and higher pressure on the intensive care units. This new wave can be even the last one, considering that the vaccination process is in full swing and the number of vaccinated people increases day by day.

The situation is under control for now, but things can escalate fast, negatively speaking. Responsibility is needed now and a new national effort as well.

The chance to get rid of the pandemic is closer by every day and we cannot give up caution right now,” said the President.

He continued that the only methods scientifically proven to stop the pandemic are the restrictions and the vaccination of a significant number of the population.

We must take informed decisions, based on the specialists’ recommendations (…) Until we reach the herd immunity through vaccination we’ll have to take punctual measures, in order to relieve the pressure on hospitals.

Dear Romanians, let us remain vigilant and cautious and this way we can actually help the dear ones!“, he concluded.

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