Procedure to donate blood plasma simplifies


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The procedure through which people who were infected with COVID-19 and were cured were able to develop antibodies and donate blood plasma used to treat infected patients who are in a serious condition has been simplified by an order signed by the Romanian Health Minister today.

Therefore the procedure to donate gets simplified, meaning that the patients who recovered and who want to donate plasma do not need present two negative tests. They only have to show the infection medical history and to prove the disappearance of the virus.

The requirement that the patients should have been previously admitted in hospital  has also been lifted.

Patients have not queued to donate blood plasma in Romania so far amid fears of losing anti bodies or cumbersome red tape procedures.

According to the National Transfusion Hematology Institute, only 490 Romanian patients cured of COVID-19 have donated blood plasma so far, and the blood transfusion centers have distributed to hospitals in the country a number of 463 blood plasma units from the donors cured of Coronavirus.

Theoretically, blood plasma is administered only to critical infected patients aged at least 18, who agree to the plasma donation following signing an informed consent.

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