PSD MP hospitalized in Germany dies of COVID


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A PSD deputy of Buzau, Sebastian Radu, confirmed with COVID-19 and hospitalized in Germany, has died on Wednesday morning, PSD chairman Marcel Ciolacu announced on Facebook.
Sebastian Radu was 49 years old.
Several days after being diagnosed with COVID-19, the deputy started developed complications of the infection and was transferred from the Buzau hospital to the Military Hospital in Bucharest. As his condition was not improving, his family asked for him to be transferred in a hospital in Germany, where he died this morning.
Sebastian Radu, a former deputy mayor of Buzau in 2012, resigned following rows with the former mayor of the city Constantin Boşcodeală.
After the mayor left politics, Radu came back to PSD and became deputy, member of the Health Committee. This year, Radu did not find a place anymore on the PSD’s lists for a MP seat.

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