Rafila: Romania enters the pandemic 2nd wave. No more seats available in the COVID hospitals in Bucharest

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Romania is in the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, as there is an intense community transmission of the COVID-19 infection, says Romania’s representative to the World Health Organization, microbiologist Alexandru Rafila. He explained that this is happening in several other EU countries and that we could have up to 2,000 daily infections as of this week.

“All EU countries are on an upward trend. Many of the member states have reported few cases of infections during summer, and we are clearly talking about a second wave. We are in the same situation, except that we always had a high number of cases per day (…) I am concerned about the report of the tests on Sunday, when we had 20% positive tests, which makes me think that we are in an intense community transmission and it is possible to have 2,000 cases per day“, Rafila stated.

At the same time, the COVID-19 hospitals in Bucharest have run out of available seats for infected patients.

Overall, around 55% of the hospital beds capacity in intensive care units is occupied across the country for COVID patients.

If this percent keeps on rising at an accelerated rate the situation will become very serious. Things are getting complicated and I hope we are cautious enough to prevent an experience like the one in Spain, Italy or France”, Rafila added.

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