Record of COVID-19 infections in Romania, 460 new cases reported in the past 24hrs

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460 new cases of Coronavirus have been reported in the past 24 hours in Romania. It is the highest increase of number of infections since April 22, when 468 cases had been registered.

At the same time, the number reported on Thursday, June 25 is the fourth highest reporting of new cases since the start of the pandemic, after those 523 cases on April 11, 491 cases on April 16 and 468 on April 22.

Until today, June 25, there have been 25,286 cases of COVID-19 in Romania. 17,906 of the infected people recovered and were discharged from hospitals, while 1,565 people died.

Ten deaths have been reported in the past 24 hours: 7 men and 3 women from Bacău, Botoșani, Brașov, Constanța, Ialomița, Iași, Bucharest and Sibiu. All patients who died had other underlying conditions.

199 patients with COVID-19 were in intensive care.

A third of the new cases reported in the last day have been confirmed in three counties: Arges (with an explosion of new infections – 76), Iasi (43 new cases, after 39 children from two foster homes in Pascani had been confirmed  a day ago) and Brasov (42 new cases).

Health minister’s explanations

In the Health minister’s view, not complying with the safety rules, as well as inciting to not complying with these rules and denying the pandemic are the main reasons for the high increase of the new cases.

Health Minister Nelu Tataru has stated on Thursday during a visit in Gorj that there are more different strains of the virus circulating, so there is no stable virus.

“Any virus is mutating and thus has changes of pathology. There is no stable virus, there more strains circulating. We have more phenotpes, we have different clusters in various countries, we are adjusting to its evolution, to the symptoms,” the minister said.

Almost 1,000 Romanians employed at meat processing plant in Germany, infected

The number of Romanians infected with the novel coronavirus in the meat processing plant in Germany has also increased, getting within 1,000.

According to a latest report provided by the Romanian Foreign Ministry, 996 Romanians working there tested positive for COVID-19, meaning two thirds of the total number of the workers infected so far. 3,969 Romanians are working at the meat processing plant in the Gutersloh district. Local authorities have placed the entire district under quarantine till June 30.

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