Report of Covid deaths released: Up to 13% more deaths on than the data of the National Institute of Statistics


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The Health Ministry has published in Friday the report on the deaths caused by the Covid-19 infections, upon PM Citu’s request.

The move comes after Health minister Ioana Mihaila has revealed in a press conference on Thursday that there are gaps between the death reports between the two reporting platforms, CoronaForms and

According to the published report, the deaths reported on the platform are by 13% more numerous than the ones provided by the National Institute of Statistics (INS). In contrast, the data on the Covid deaths on CoronaForms platform are 96% in compliance with the INS ones.

The Health ministry’s committee that drafted the report has analysed the reporting manner and the gaps registered between the two reporting platforms, CoronaForms and

The deaths of the patients infected with coronavirus are reported in the CoronaForms with the name of the victim and his/her social security number, while in the second platform the hospitals only report the number of deaths.

The committee mentions that the procedure of reporting on is scarce and recommends that authorities should give up this platform. The committee says that the reporting on CoronaForms, although it contains some errors, is the most valid.

An export from the two data bases has revealed that until March 31, 2021, 31,132 deaths have been reported on, and 23,931 deaths on CoronaForms“, reads the report, practically a differnece of 7,200 deaths.

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