Romania continues vaccination with AstraZeneca while several EU countries suspend it

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Romania will continue the vaccination with AstraZeneca anti-Covid vaccine, decided the representatives of the National Committee of Coordination of the Activities on Vaccination against COVID-19, of the Health Ministry, of the National Institute of Public Health and of the National Agency of Medicine and Medical Devices form Romania.

“After reviewing the reports on the side effects reported in Romania, the reasoning of the decisions of other states, the events reported abroad, but also the recommendation of the European regulation authority, the European Medicine Agency (EMA), the representatives of the above-mentioned institutions decided that the vaccination campaign in Romania should continue with all vaccines against COVID-19, currently authorized at European level“, reads a press release.

Till the conclusion of the evaluation of the blood clots cases due on March 18, EMA has recommended the continuation of vaccination with AstraZeneca, underlining that the benefits of vaccination in preventing the serious Covid-19 cases and death outrank the risk of side effects.

The Romanian authorities managing the vaccination campaign also argue that the cases of blood clotting disorders have appeared in a small number of vaccinated patients, without exceeding the frequency reported to the general population that is not vaccinated. “We must take into account that these disorders can appear independently of the vaccine administration”.

Several European countries announced on Monday that are suspending the use of AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19 as a precautionary measure, for fear of potential side effects.

So far, 11 states in the European Union has suspended entirely the AstraZenece vaccination: Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Ireland, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal and Cyprus.

Other countries have partially suspend vaccination with this serum, only the batches identified with alleged problems: Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Romania.

Other states from Europe but ouside the EU that suspended the AstraZeneca vaccine are Norway and Iceland.

Worldwide such states as UK, Australia or Canada continue the vaccination with AstraZeneca.

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