Romania exceeds threshold of 100,000 vaccinated against Covid in one day

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President Klaus Iohannis said that ‘Romania sits tight’ on the anti-Covid vaccination campaign and that a new phase of immunisation is happening following the green light on the vaccination without appointment. The President also announced that the threshold of 100,000 vaccinated per day is exceeded today.

The Romanian President made a new call on the population to get vaccinated, reminding that people are able to go to take the jab wherever they want without previous appointment.

“We are sitting tight in Romania with this vaccination campaign. Somewhere else things are still in the process and I don’t think there are many places where citizens can go and take the anti-Covid jab without appointment”, Klaus Iohannis said on Thursday in Constanta, where he visited the vaccination centre at the Military Emergency Hospital.

He added that new actions to facilitate the vaccination are planned, such as non-stop working hours at some vaccination centres and vaccination marathons.

“It is obvious that figures that we are getting on a daily basis are better and better, we have less vaccinated people, less patients in intensive care, less deaths, but I don’t want us to delude ourselves, the pandemic is not gone yet, the virus still exists. It is very clear that, unless we have a very high number of people vaccinated we must observe the restrictions. Let’s get vaccinated so that we can get back to our normality”, the head of state underlined.


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