Romania outranks Italy, Germany and neighbours in the region on active COVID-19 cases. Record of deaths in one day

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Romania has more active cases of people infected with COVID-19 than Italy, on a daily basis.

Romania is also outranking Germany, even on cases per 100,000 inhabitants, and has also reported more active cases than all its neighbouring countries in the region.

Romania, Republic of Moldova and Sweden are on an upward trend in terms of active cases of coronavirus.

Graphics have been conducted by the community and contain official data from Romania and other European countries.

At present, there are officially 40,000 active cases of COVID-19 in Romania, and around 10,000 in Republic of Moldova.

– Italy – 18,400
– Germany – 17,200
– Bulgaria – 4,400
– Hungary – 847
– France – 162,000
– Spain – 206,000
– Sweden – 28,400
– UK – 284,000

Tuesday updates

There have been 1,060 new cases of COVID-19 reported in Romania in the past 24 hours out of 20,479 processed tests, with 58 deaths registered due to the novel coronavirus infections from Monday to Tuesday. Two deaths were reported on two young people, aged under 29. One of the young patients who died was 25 years old and was not suffering of any other disease, as the Group of Strategic Communication has reported.

The number of patients in intensive care remains high – 490.

Overall, there are 80,390 cases of Covid reported din Romania since the start of the pandemic.

35,816 patients were declared cured and 9,593 were asymptomatic.

The death toll climbed to 3,367, with 58 deaths reported in the past 24 hours: 32 men and 26 women from Arad, Argeș, Bacău, Bihor, Bistrița-Năsăud, Brașov, Buzău, Călărași, Caraș-Severin, Cluj, Constanța, Dâmbovița, Dolj, Galați, Giurgiu, Gorj, Harghita, Hunedoara, Ialomița, Iași, Maramureș, Olt, Sibiu, Suceava, Teleorman, Timiș, Vâlcea, Vaslui, Ilfov and Bucharest.

57 of the patients who died from Monday to Tuesday had other diseases, while one patient had no known underlying condition.

There are 7,268 people infected with Covid -19 currently hospitalized in Romania, with 490 in a more serious condition, admitted in intensive care.

Monday updates

825 new cases of persons infected with SARS-CoV-2  have been reported on Monday, August 24.

37 people (18 men and 19 women) infected with the novel coronavirus have died, with one fatality in the age group 10 – 19 years, which is a first in Romania. The death toll in Romania  has reached 3,309. All deaths recorded on Monday are of patients who had underlying medical conditions.

Overall, the COVID-19 tally in Romania mounted to 79,330 cases of people infected. 35,517 patients were declared cured and 9,574 asymptomatic patients were discharged 10 days after detection.

At present, 7,410 people with COVID-19 are being hospitalised across Romania, with 494 patients being admitted in intensive care units.

1,659,135 SARS-CoV-2 tests have been processed nationwide.

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  1. Marius Muresan says

    This information is misleading: it might well be that Romania has an increasing number of cases, due to the time lag between infection and outcome of the disease, but the number of new infections peaked some ten days ago (14 August). Since then we can definitely talk of a plateau, even a slight (but clear) decrease of the new infections.
    I’d appreciate a more moderate tone of the press in general and even a certain degree of self-censorship – take the example of countries like Switzerland, Germany, etc., where mass-media does not target panic and negative emotions, but moderate and objective information. Multumesc.

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