Second batch of anti-COVID vaccines arrived in Bucharest today

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A part of the second batch of anti-COVID vaccines (144,000) produced by Pfizer/ BioNTech has reached Romania this morning. The doses will go to the Cantacuzino Institute in Bucharest and to the regional centres in Brașov, Craiova, Constanța and Iași.

Colonel Romeo Feraru, spokesperson of “Cantacuzino” Institute said that there are 40,950 doses of anti-COVID vaccine.

“These doses will be stored at the national storage Centre of the Cantacuzino Institute and will be distributed to the hospitals that need the vaccine, depending on the request received by the National Committee of vaccination coordination in the upcoming period“, said colonel Feraru.

The distribution of the vaccine is carried out in Bucharest through the Ministry of National Defence, and it is transported by pickups.

We have a storage warehouse for one million and a half of doses, in special refrigerators, with temperatures ranging from minus 60C to minus 90C”, Feraru added.

The new batches of COVID-19 vaccine arrived by air in Romania with DHL Express on Otopeni Airport at 07:50hrs.

The first DHL planes that brings the vaccine to Romania arrived this morning at ‘Henri Coandă’ Airport, ‘Traian Vuia’ International Airport in Timisoara and ‘Avram Iancu’ Airport in Cluj.

After numerous months of preparation, we are happy that our mission of vaccine distribution has now started and we could contribute our logistics expertise and capabilities to make vaccine accessible worldwide”, says Agnieszka Blas, Managing Director DHL Express. “The current crisis has shown how indispensable international logistics networks are for ensuring that societies have the necessary personal protective equipment and test kits to secure their health. Now we are embarking on the next step in our common fight against the coronavirus. Our teams across 220 countries and territories and our global network as the backbone of cross-border Express logistics is ready – to deliver anytime and anywhere, connecting people and improving lives.”

In addition to the first flights to Israel, Mexic and Singapore DHL is preparing to carry out further flights in December/January and beyond with vaccines from its worldwide operating hubs.

Initially, the second batch of the anti-Covid vaccines was supposed to arrive in Romania on Monday, but it was postponed for Tuesday due to some issues encountered by Pfizer. Due to these problems, the delivery of the second tranche was delayed in 8 countries.

The transport is provided by the producer, including the transport on the ground. Vaccines are carried in maximum safety conditions, covered in dry ice and airtight wrap.

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