Sudden rise by 40% of the COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours

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Other 450 new cases of the novel coronavirus have been reported in Romania in the past 24 hours, with the total balance sheet mounting to 27,746 cases. There is a significant increase by 40% of the new infections in the past 24 hours since the report on Wednesday.

Among the people who tested positive for COVID-19, 20,433 have been discharged: 19,363 patients recovered, while 1,070 have developed no symptoms.

Until now, 1,687 infected have died and from Wednesday to Thursday there have been 20 new deaths registered: 11 men and 9 women from Alba, Argeș, Bacău, Botoșani, Brașov, Buzău, Dâmbovița, Giurgiu, Mehedinți, Prahova, Suceava and Vaslui. Two patients who died were aged 40-49. All victims had other underlying medical conditions.

237 are in intensive care at this point. This a the highest number of patients in intensive care reported during the state of alert in Romania. There used to be 300 patients in ICU daily during the state of emergency.

According to doctor Carmen Carmen Dorobăț, manager of the Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Iasi, this number shows the share of the patients in serious condition and the trend to which Romania is heading.

“The trend proves that Romania had passed from the mild cases to severe forms of the COVID-19 infection,” the doctor said.

Meanwhile, outbreaks are reigniting in some counties or hospitals. For instance, this is the case of Galati County Hospital, where a resident physician, eight nurses and two janitors have got infected with COVID-19 here.

A similar situation is in Timisoara, where new coronavirus cases re-emerged amid the medical staff in some hospitals, although the county had been in the frontline of battling the virus. After boasting just one COVID patient during one month, now Timisoara’s CFR Hospital has now reported six patients in just a few hours, including a nurse.

Doctor Virgil Musta, the chief of the Infectious Hospital ‘Victor Babes’ in Timisoara told Digi24 that the recently infected patients have one thing in common: “they did not believe in the virus and did not protect themselves”.

On the other hand, there are other odd cases in Sibiu, where six people have got re-infected with COVID-19. One case, a 49-year-old woman, is the most concerning, as the woman has tested with coronavirus for the second time, but this time developing a severe form of acute respiratory failure and she is currently admitted in intensive care.

Doctors suspect there is a different strain of the virus. “If this is the same strain of the virus, patients can develop mild forms, but if the strains are different, the antibodies do not provide a crossed protection against the second strain”, said Victoria Bîrluţiu, the chief of the Infectious Disease Ward of the Sibiu County Hospital.

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