Teaching staff to be vaccinated as a priority. 446 Romanians infected with coronavirus after taking the rappel. The first anaphylactic shock case in Romania


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The vaccination of the teaching staff in Romania is starting tomorrow, February 24. All teachers who opted for the vaccination are expected to receive the first dose of the jab by March 10, said doctor Valeriu Gheorghiță, the coordinator of the national vaccination campaign.

The appointments will not be made on the usual platform, but separately. The school units will draw up lists with the staff that wants to get vaccinated, the lists will be sent to the school inspectorates and from there to the public health directions.

Authorities expect 60,000 of teaching staff to take the jab against Covid-19. Around 42,000 employees in the education units have already got vaccinated so far.

Valeriu Gheorghiță also announced that over 6,300 patients dependent on dialysis out of the total of 11,000 in Romania have got vaccinated. 70% of those 11,000 voiced intention to take the jab against COVID-19.

3,969 Romanians  (0.44%) tested positive for SARS-CoV2 after the first dose. The average period between the time of the vaccination and the moment when they tested positive was 7 days, which means that either those persons didn’t get the chance to develop antibodies, or they had already got in contact with the virus before having been vaccinated.

446 Romanians who had taken the rappel have tested positive for the novel coronavirus after the vaccination. The average period from the vaccination time and the moment of the infection was 4 days.

“The benefits of vaccination reach their maximum value at least 7-10-14 days after the vaccination moment”, the doctor explained.

Romania currently has a stock of over 400,000 vaccine doses. The only vaccine that is not in stock at this point is Moderna. 79,000 doses of Moderna vaccine are though expected to arrive in Romania tomorrow.

The first anaphylactic shock in Romania, the patient recovered in 7 minutes

Valeriu Gheorghiță also announced that a first case of anaphylactic shock was reported in Romania after the anti-Covid vaccine. It is an extremely rare side effect of the vaccine, encountered to only 2-5 cases in one million.

The person who suffered the anaphylactic shock was a 46-year-old woman, who did not know she had an allergy history and who recovered after 7 minutes after the medical staff had promptly intervened. The woman had been vaccinated with AstraZeneca.

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