Tens of youngsters taken to hospital directly from a seaside resort after being infected with Covid-19


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30 teenagers from Bârlad, Vaslui county, eastern Romania, have been taken by the medical emergency staff from the seaside resort of Costinesti and transported to hospitals, after most of them had got infected with COVID-19.

The youngsters had attended a 18th birthday party next to tens of other people. After the party, one girl started to feel sick. Her father is employed at Vaslui Ambulance Service and before leaving to the seaside, he took the girl to have a Covid test. But the girl did not wait for the result anymore and left for Costinesti seaside resort with her friends.

So, when her test came back positive, the girl had already been at the seaside for four days, during which time she was roaming the resort with her friends, sunbathing and eating out at various terraces.

Soon after, the girl and other colleagues started to develop symptoms and the authorities have been announced. As the infection risk was too high, the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations decided to send a special minivan to bring the back home.

The first 17 teens were taken directly to the Barlad municipal hospital. 10 of them have been confirmed with SARS-COV2. The other 13 teens in the group are currently under quarantine at home as they did not have symptoms.

The teenagers had been accommodated at three separate guesthouses in Costinesti.

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