The 3 main sources of infection with COVID-19 in Romania

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The main sources of infection with the novel coronavirus in Romania are the public transportation, parties, particularly those thrown by the teenagers, and factories that do not observe the protection measures, says the manager of Victor Babes Hospital in Timisoara, doctor Cristian Oancea.

“It’s first of all the public transportation means, secondly, the teen private parties, as teenagers are passing the virus in the family to their parents and grandparents. Thirdly, there are people who don’t observe the rules, they do not wear the mask in a correct way, particularly those working in factories.

We have noticed that lately there is a high rate teenagers who passed the virus in the family environment, with the most affected being the elderly. These three main categories have derived from the medical history of the patients,” doctor Oancea said.

He warned that unless we express solidarity and responsibility, “we’ll end up soon in treating people in the ambulance, for we have no spare beds in hospitals”.

The doctor voiced hope that, along with the restrictions enforced as of today, the curve of COVID-19 cases are flattening in two weeks and then decreasing.

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