The 6th tranche of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine reaches Romania

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The aircraft transporting the sixth tranche of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against the novel coronavirus have reached Romania this morning. Those 92,430 doses are to be delivered to the vaccination centres in Bucharest and in the country

According to the schedule, the next tranche of anti-COVID 19 vaccine is to arrive in Romania on Tuesday, January 26.

Those new 92,430 vaccine doses arrived today are to be delivered to the following cities:

– Bucharest Regional Distribution Center: 35,100 doses;
– Brașov Regional Distribution Center: 11,700 doses;
– Cluj Regional Distribution Center: 10,530 doses;
– Constanța Regional Distribution Center: 9,360 doses;
– Craiova Regional Distribution Center: 7,020 doses;
– Iași Regional Distribution Center: 11,700 doses;
– Timișoara Regional Distribution Center: 7,020 doses.

The second stage of vaccination against the novel coronavirus has kicked off in Romania on January 15 and is destined to elderly over 65 years old, to the chronically ill patients, as well as to the staff in the key sectors.

After some delays last week, Pfizer Pfizer announced the deliveries are back to the initial delivery programme to the EU countries starting January 25, while the number of doses are to increase starting around February 15.

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