The first artificial heart implant in a minor took place in Târgu Mureș


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In Romania, the first implantation of an artificial heart in a minor took place, announced doctor Horațiu Suciu, head of the Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic within the Emergency Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases and Transplantation in Târgu Mureş.

“It is said that only God can penetrate one’s soul. And so it is. I went to the Institute this morning, thinking about what is in the soul of a 17-year-old girl, our patient, who is waiting for a transplant, knowing how few there are donors for this age group”,  doctor Suciu said in a Facebook post.

“The artificial heart solution was the only one that could keep her alive because of her severe heart failure. And the operation was successful. It is the fourth implantation of an artificial heart that we have succeeded in this year and the first in Romania in a child. I thank the colleagues from the IUBCvT Târgu Mureș team and Professor Putnik from Belgrade who assisted the intervention. I am glad that the representative of this important Eastern European center in the field of cardiac transplantation was with us and saw the stage reached by Târgu Mures medicine”, he added.

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