The first child in Romania in intensive care after getting infected with COVID-19

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A boy, aged 9 years and 11 months, is hospitalized in the intensive care unit of Gomoiu Hospital, after being infected with COVID-19 and after developing a rare inflammatory syndrome. It is the first such case in Romania, of a child hospitalized in a more serious condition in intensive care. The doctors from Gomoiu Hospital said that the boy’s condition is “stationary to better”, but that he has all organs affected by the virus.
The child has no previous significant medical conditions. He suffered a multi-systemic inflammatory syndrome, an exaggerated multi-systemic inflammatory reaction, which is very rare in children with coronavirus.
The 9yo boy was transferred to Gomoiu Hospital in Bucharest from Buzau, where he had initially got a presumptive diagnosis of meningoencephalitis. Once he arrived at Gomoiu Hospital, he tested positive for coronavirus.
“He is not intubated, for the moment he is stable, to the better. He had his lungs and heart affected, it is a multi-systemic affection on all organs. All organs are affected by this hyper-inflammation determined by an infection. He is dependent on oxygen, on the oxygen mask with low flow,” said Livia Vlădoiu, chief of intensive care unit of Gomoiu Hospital.
“Not every child infected with COVID-19 will develop this syndrome, it is very rare“, she added.
According to the medical manager of the hospital, Diana Ionescu, it is the first such case in Romania, and there were 70 such cases in France, and 30 in the United States.
The boy started to develop symptoms during the weekend, with fever and feeling unwell.

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