The first clinical trial in Romania on the span of COVID-19 immunity naturally acquired

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MedLife, together with the National Institute for Infectious Diseases “Matei Bals” and Colentina Clinical Hospital in Bucharest, will start the first clinical trial in Romania on the span of COVID-19 immunity naturally acquired.
The trial will be conducted on the patients who tested positive for COVID-19 and who are admitted in the two hospitals, Matei Bals and Colentina. Two serological methods will be used to detect antibodies, chemiluminescence and ELISA.

The interpretation of the tests will be done based on a cumulation of clinical and para-clinical data acquired during hospitalisation. Moreover, the subjects will be thoroughly interviewed so that doctors could evaluate the impact of the infection on their health, attitudes and life style.

The patients subject to this trial will be also tested for antibodies after they are discharged from the hospital for at least 3 more months in order for the doctors to monitor the dynamics of the results’ evolution. Over 5,000 tests will be allotted for this trial, MedLife mentioned.

The medical company also explained that, unlike RT-PCR, which is the reference test to diagnose the active COVID-19 infection, the serological tests can be useful in identifying the people who have developed an immune response to an active infection or following a previous infection.

The tests might identify as well the subjects who are not likely to develop the infection again. The tests might also serve to other studies to prevent infections or to understand the importance of infections that have no symptoms, or to identify potential blood plasma donors.

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