The first coronavirus strain from UK confirmed in Romania

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The first coronavirus case with the new strain from UK has been confirmed in Romania.

It’s a woman from Giurgiu, southern Romania who says though she has not traveled abroad. She has a mild form of the infection so far and she is not hospitalized, but treated at home, said doctor Cătălin Apostolescu, spokesperson of Matei Balș Institute for Infectious Diseases.

As the woman has not travelled to UK or anywhere abroad, the public health authorities are trying to find out with whom she got in touch and where she might have got infected.

“If information provided by the patient are true, that means the virus is already circulating in Romania. We can expect a rise in the number of infections”, Apostolescu said.

The new variant of SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19, is thought to be driving increased transmission of the disease in parts of the UK and is thought to be more contagious.

A study from The Centre for the Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases in London shows this particular strain is 56% more transmissible.

However, the new strain of the novel coronavirus does not appear to cause more severe illness than other variants, according to a matched study by Public Health England, but it just can spread more rapidly.

At the same time, BioNTech stated that the vaccine developed by them and Pfizer is also acting against the key-mutation in the new strain versions found in UK and South Africa.

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