The first pupils infected with COVID-19 in Romania after returning to school

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The Head of the Emergency Situations Department (DSU), Raed Arafat, has said that the Coronavirus is still present in Romania and we’ll not be able to return to the life before the pandemic after June 15.

Arafat told TVR 1 that we have to wait for several more days before deciding if the state of alert goes on or not.

“We still have out breaks in more counties. The number of cases is not stable yet, we had increased in the number of new infections instead of having a consistent decline”, the DSU Head explained.

Arafat said that we still have 5-6 more days to analyse the evolution of the situation after the relaxation of restrictions on June 1.
Even if restrictions are totally lifted, I would go to the cinema or theater, if I know there is still a risk“, he argued.
“We all did a very good job together, it would be a pity to fumble at the goal line“, he concluded.
In his turn the president of the Romanian Microbiology Society, Alexandru Rafila told Digi24 that authorities should insist in the upcoming period on educating people over health and hygiene rules and on capitalizing on the results obtained so far in controlling the epidemic.
“I would insist on educating the citizens who have managed in the past 3 months to limit their contacts, to enforce social distancing, to take hygiene rules- to wear face masks in enclosed spaces, to wash hand more frequently, etc.

Let’s capitalize on what we’ve succeeded so far and I think we’ll have a peaceful summer and we’ll be able to go on holiday without problems”, said Rafila.

8th grader infected with COVID-19 in Iasi, 12th grader in Gura Humorului
The first infected pupil with the new coronavirus has been reported in Iasi: it is a 8th grader who returned to school last week on Wednesday and Thursday to attend classes in the view of the high school entrance exam, also known as National Evaluation in Romania.

Last Wednesday, the pupil’s grandmother was tested for the COVID-19 as she was to undergo a surgery and she came out positive. After that, the entire family was tested and the boy also came out positive for coronavirus.

Other 11 colleagues have attended training classes together with the pupil. They stopped attending classes and they are to be tested, while the school was disinfected.

Also on Tuesday, a second student has been confirmed with COVID-19. It’s a schoolgirl from the 12th grade in Gura Humorului, Suceava county. The girl had attended school last week, to get training for the upcoming Baccalaureate.

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