The Netherlands, Serbia donate medicines, oxygen concentrators to Romania


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The head of the Department for Emergency Situations (DSU), Raed Arafat, announced on Monday that Romania has received another 350 oxygen concentrators from the RescEU stock in the Netherlands.

“Several countries have created stocks – RescEU, as we say. Romania was the first to do this and made it on ventilators and masks, which are in our country. We needed concentrators when we made the oxygen announcement, and the country that did this storage was the Netherlands.

In the first instance, 200 concentrators were sent to us from the Netherlands, under European civil protection. Now the decision has been made to remove another 350 hubs. So, in total, from the RescEU stock in the Netherlands, which is fully funded by the European Commission, we have so far obtained 550 concentrators “, said Raed Arafat at the National Center for Coordination and Management of Intervention – Ciolpani.

He announced that the first oxygen concentrators will go to hospitals in Bucharest. “The distribution list is already made, they will go to hospitals all over the country. The first trucks that will load and leave for the hospitals in Bucharest are here, so we will not be late in their distribution. We are also waiting for other equipment that will arrive from other states“, the head of DSU added.

Also on Monday, Serbia sent a donation of drugs and oxygen concentrators to patients with COVID-19 in Romania. The donation consists of 6,500 boxes of medicines and oxygen concentrators with a total capacity of 900 liters, according to an official statement.

Romania is fighting an oxygen crisis amid the mounting Covid-19 infection within the pandemic’s wave 4.

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