Two more children with Covid in intensive care, one of them is a 9-month-old baby

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Two children infected with the novel coronavirus are in intensive care. One of them is 9-month-old and is admitted at St. Ioan Hospital for children from Galati, together with his pregnant mother, who also tested positive for COVID-19. The baby’s condition is stable.

The second kid in intensive care with Covid is 6 years old and is hospitalized at Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital for Children in Bucharest.

According to the Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital, the 6yo child was sent from Gomoiu Hospital with acute appendicitis and peritonitis. As he also tested positive for Covid, the kid was operated in a special operating room, established for the Covid area.

“He was operated and his condition is better and better every day. He is stable, is connected to the oxygen mask. The signs of Covid infections are visible, he has slight lung modification, he is staying with his mother, she is asymptomatic“, the representatives of the hospital said.

As for the baby in Galati, he is in intensive care, in stable condition, but has digestive and respiratory issues, so the doctors put him on oxygen.

His mother is 5-month pregnant, she is also positive for SARS COV 2. His father is at home with another child, and they have both developed symptoms for Covid.

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