Vaccination against Covid-19 with the third dose to kick off in Romania on September 28

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Vaccination with the third dose of the anti-Covid jab will start in Romania on September 28, PM Citu announced today.

All those who took the second dose at least 6 months ago are eligible. “We have decided that starting with September 28, for all people who have more than 6 months from the administration of the second dose, the third dose will start. The booster dose will be performed only with vaccines based on messenger RNA “, said Cîțu.

According to the Vaccination Committee, dose 3 is strongly recommended for people at high risk of developing severe forms – vulnerable people: those over 65, with chronic diseases (regardless of age), people in medical and social centers and other vulnerable categories provided in the national vaccination strategy and people at high risk of exposure: medical, social and educational staff.

Access to vaccination is also allowed to other population categories, provided it’s been at least five months since they were vaccinated with the second dose, regardless of whether they have a history of passing through the disease.

The third rappel dose will be done only with messenger RNA-based vaccines, regardless of the initial vaccination scheme. So, people who took the Astra Zeneca jab will have the third dose with the vaccines produced by Pfizer&BioNTech or Spikevax (Moderna).

Considering that in Romania the vaccination with Johnson & Johnson started on May 4, for the people immunized with this vaccine it is not necessary, at this moment, to administer the booster dose. Details of this recommendation will be set in the coming period, as new scientific data become available, according to the Vaccination Committee.

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