Vaccination available without appointment as of May 7, people over 60 have priority

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Starting Friday, Mai 7, anyone who wants to get vaccinated against COVID-19 can come to the vaccination centres without previous appointment, subject to availability, but only people aged over 60 will be received until 14:00hrs, the coordinator of the national vaccination campaign, military doctor Valeriu Gheorghita announced.
After this hour until the end of the programme anyone can come to take the anti-Covid jab, including those over 60.
Gheorghita underlined that people who already have appointment for vaccination have a secured place.
If the vaccination centre has a higher vaccination capacity than the number of those previously scheduled, it will issue numbers for the current day or for the upcoming days.


He also reminded that “vaccination marathons” will take place in several cities in Romania in the upcoming period, with the first such event being scheduled in Bucharest, in Constitutiei Square and at the National Library during this weekend, May 7-9. There will be 50 vaccination units, with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine being used.

Valeriu Gheorghiță will be among the doctors who will vaccinate people within the marathon vaccination in the Capital.

Vaccination in the family doctor’s cabinets delayed

The vaccination against the novel coronavirus in the family physicians’ offices has not started today, as initially scheduled. Although the National Committee for Coordination of Vaccination Activities had announced that over 3,000 family physicians’ offices have joined the anti-COVID vaccination programme, family doctors themselves complained that they are not able to start the immunization against Covid in their cabinets due to the lack of funds for all the necessary equipment, but also because their patients have not expressed will to receive the Johnson & Johnson jab, which had been allotted for the family physicians.

The best vaccination rates

The coordinator of the national vaccination campaign also reported that the best vaccination rate is in Bucharest, with 31%. The Capital city is followed by Cluj (28%), Timiş (22%), Braşov (22%), Sibiu (21%), Constanţa (21%) counties, all being beyond the national average rate.

Valeriu Gheorghiţă also said that there are 25,000 people still on the waiting lists on the vaccination online platform, with the most in Bucharest, Mures and Cluj.

105 private companies started vaccinating employees at their HQs

105 private business operators have started vaccinating their employees, with 31 of them being from the hospitality sector, announced Andrei Baciu, secretary of state within the Health Ministry.

He said that 72 medical squads went to these companies’ headquarters to vaccinate the employees.

“We have 5,011 employees vaccinated so far”, Baciu mentioned.

Most of them were in Bucharest -1,888, then in Bihor – 885, Dolj-504 and Brasov – 500.

The most numerous number of private operators that started vaccinating their employees are from Alba and Hunedoara -15 companies each, Bihor and Dolj -14 companies each and Mures-7.

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