Vaccination ban with AstraZeneca for elderly lifted in Romania. Almost 60,000 scheduled in the past 24hrs


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The authorities managing the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 in Romania has announced on Monday that they had removed the ban on elderly from being vaccinated with AstraZeneca vaccine. The age limit for this jab was 55 years old.

The decision to lift the ban came following the recommendation by the Scientific and Medical Group within the National Committee of Coordination of the Activities on anti-COVID-19 vaccination, by the Health Ministry and by the National Medicine Agency.

The measure is also based on the release on new scientific data, on the expertise of other EU countries, and on the World Health Organization’s recommendations to prevent the infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The AstraZeneca vaccine makes the body’s immune system to produce antibodies and white cells to act against the virus, providing protection against COVID-19. For immunisation, two doses of vaccine must be administered, at an interval of 4-12 weeks from the first dose.

The European Medicine Agency has authorized Astra Zeneca vaccine on January 29. It is the third vaccine against COVID-19 available in the EU, and implicitly in Romania.

59,522 people over 55 called to make an appointment for the AstraZeneca jab in the first 24 hours since the ban wave. 33,797 are older than 65yo.

So far, 1,212,000 Romanians have got vaccinated with all three types of vaccines authorized in EU and Romania, about half of them with the first dose and the rest with both doses. There have been 6,151 side effects to the vaccines, most minor effects.

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