Vaccination coordinator: Anti-COVID jab third dose might be administered as of September


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The healthcare workers and the vulnerable people might get the third Covid jab. A potential decision in this respect might be taken in September, amid the rise in the number of infections with the Delta variant, said the coordinator of the national vaccination campaign, Valeriu Gheorghiță.

“There are talks at present related to administering the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine to those people who are exposed to a high risk for SARS-CoV-2, meaning the medical and social staff, chronically ill and people over 65”, Gheorghiță said.

He added that a decision in this regard is likely in September, practically, 8 months since the debut of the vaccination campaign in Romania.

“It’s highly likely to consider the medical records of the infection. Basically, a person who have a Covid history and was vaccinated with two doses will not have to take the third jab, considering that going through the disease is an important element in triggering the immune response”, the vaccination coordinator explained.

The number of infections with Covid Delta variant is on the rise in Romania, with 26 new cases reported in the past week. The number of deaths due to this strain surged to 5, all unvaccinated people.

127 infections with Delta strain have been registered in Romania until July 25.

According to Valeriu Gheorghiță, 50% of the Delta infections are in 28 outbreaks, 22 family outbreaks and 6 community outbreaks.

42 of the cases, meaning 33% have no epidemiological connection with the outbreaks, which means there might be a community transmission.

Most of these cases, 31, were reported in Bucharest, 23 in Arges, 19 in Ilfov and 17 in Bacau.

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