Vaccination to be available at GP’s cabinet in April-end, big companies might also host their own vaccination centres

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Vaccination will be also available in the general practitioner’s cabinets as of April-end, said Valeriu Gheorghita, the coordinator of the national vaccination campaign. He told Digi24 that family doctors will most probably receive doses of Johnson&Johnson and AstraZeneca jabs. Gheorghita voiced his optimism that we reach collective immunity till the end of summer.

“I think that toward the end of April, early May we’ll start vaccination also in the general practitioners’ cabinets, particularly with Johnson&Johnson and very likely and with AstraZeneca, without people having to register on the online scheduling platform. Family doctors will evaluate their patients and will make appointments for vaccination”, said Valeriu Gheorghiță.

He added that Johnson&Johnson is recommended to all ages over 18. “From the organization point of view, it is a vaccine more suitable for mobile vaccination centres or drive-through centres, for mobile teams in the countryside, for instance”.

The coordination of the national vaccination campaign said he is optimist that, be the end of the summer, we’ll reach collective immunity, even if the people’s enthusiasm for the vaccine will drop a little bit.

“It is a situation we anticipated. To a certain extent, people are coming to the vaccination centres. After a certain point, the pace will not be so fast, for the people wanting badly to get vaccinated will take the jab, and those who are not convinced remain, or those who would like the vaccine but cannot come. And they prefer to wait or they just give up”.

Valeriu Gheorghiță also revealed that they had received from more big companies the proposal to host their own vaccination centres at their HQs, available for their employees. The military doctor said it is a very good action, moreover as the big companies also voiced willingness to take over the general population for vaccination as well.

The coordinator mentioned he had sent the big companies’ requests to the county public health directorates.

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  1. Giles says

    “Gheorghita voiced his optimism that we reach collective immunity till the end of summer.”

    Wow, well this of course would be great – but at the present rate of vaccination it will take 2 years

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