Vlad Voiculescu insists that Covid-19 deaths are underreported: Over 500 extra dead at Colentina Hospital


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Former Health minister, Vlad Voiculescu, told Europa FM on Monday, that “it is said there is a discussion or a PM’s retort” regarding the document on establishing the working group to check the Covid-19 deaths.

Voiculescu claims he had found a gap of around “500 deaths” at Colentina Hospital and the situation would be similar at ROL 2 Hospital, where there less Covid deaths reported in the platform by the Public Health Directions and family doctors than the actual number of dead as reported by the hospital.

Vlad Voiculescu explained that the gap had been noticed when they had compared the two reporting platforms: the hospital platform and CoronaForms, the platform of total reports, including also data sent by family doctors and the Public Health Directions.

“The number of deaths in the platform where only hospitals are reporting is significantly higher than the number of deaths in the platform where all health bodies should report”, Voiculescu told Europa FM radio station.

He revealed such gaps had appeared, for instance at Colentina and ROL 2 hospitals in Bucharest, adding that “the situation is valid for the overwhelming majority of hospitals.

“If we look at Colentina hospital we see a gap of some hundreds people. The reporting in the platform of hospitals is significantly higher than the number in the platform where all, hospitals, public health directions and family doctors, are supposed to report (…) Somebody has not reported the way they should, they did not think properly the manner of reporting the deaths and they did not validate the results as they should be. In charge of reporting is the hospital, the public health direction  follows and the Health Ministry and the National Institute of Public Health are at the end of this communication chain“, Voiculescu detailed.

Asked what a gap of several hundreds means, he said it is over 500.

Defence Ministry replied that the ROL 2 Hospital, under its authority, which is located in the courtyard of Ana Aslan Institute, has reported 82 deaths due to SARS-CoV-2 infections, and this is number reported both in the Coronaforms platform and also in the MS Alerts platform.

In their turn, representatives of Colentina Hospital subordinated to the Bucharest City Hall, say that the statements that question the correct reporting of the COVID-19 deaths do not have a real ground.


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