Which EU countries have the most vaccinated people? Where does Romania stand?

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Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland are the EU countries that reported the most numerous vaccinated people against COVID-19 at this moment. On the other hand, the Netherlands for instance hasn’t even started the vaccination process, while Belgium had had only 700 people vaccinated so far.

Romania is in the top ranking (in absolute figures, not reported to the population) – 41,609 persons vaccinated till January 5 (76,400 until January 7).

Europeans decided to vaccinate first the medical staff, the elderly and the people with high health risk.

However, issues have been encountered in some countries, varying from one state to another. For instance, Italy is facing a lack of injection equipment, Spain has not enough nurses while the complicated bureaucratic process in France made that only few thousands of people could have been vaccinated till January 6.

Poland is in the middle of a scandal after several local celebrities had been vaccinated first, although they were not included in the first category established for the vaccination.

In Germany, there have been 367,000 vaccinated people so far, in Italy over 300,000, in Spain almost 140,000 and over 100,000 in Poland. Over 63,000 citizens have been vaccinated so far in Denmark amid an alarming increase in the number of infections lately.

There are wealthy EU countries at the bottom of the vaccination pace, such as the Netherlands where no one has been vaccinated against coronavirus so far, or France – 7,000 people vaccinated or Austria – 6,000.

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