Heat wave expected on Thursday, temperatures to exceed 35 degrees C. More than 100 households flooded in Mehedinti County


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The entire country is undergoing a process of atmospheric instability. Violent rains, with thunder storms and hailstorms come together, according to meteorologists, with heat waves. In the coming days, temperatures will reach 37 degrees Celsius, realitatea.net informs.

“In the middle of the week, during June 26-27, the weather will improve, more in the hill areas, in the mountains, but will have atmospheric instability intervals. Thursday will be the warmest day, the temperatures are expected to reach 34-35 degrees Celsius, even 36-37 degrees in western Romania. In Bucharest the temperatures will reach 35 degrees C,” meteorologist Meda Andrei said.

“Of the three months of the summer, June is the most unstable. But in July and August, even though the frequency of these phenomena will drop, it does not mean we will not have intervals with electric discharges, strong storms with hail. The rains will increase the humidity and the thermal discomfort will be high,” the meteorologist said for a TV station.

On the night of Sunday to Monday, more than 100 households have been flooded after it rained the equivalent of half a year. The gendarmes and policemen have evacuated dozens of people and animals. In several localities it was Code Redfor rainfall, hailstorm and tempest.

Most affected were the localities of Plesuva, Prunisor, Ghelmegioaia and Fântâna Domnească.

Several people were isolated and climbed on the rooftops to escape the floods.

In Timis County, several localities were affected by hailstorms. Hail was the size of a table tennis ball.

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