‘Henri Coanda’ Airport in Bucharest, among the cheapest taxi fares in Europe

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Traveling by taxi to or from the airport remains expensive in Europe. A taxi ride from the airport to the city centre costs an average of 41 EUR / 35 GBP. At 9 of the 50 busiest airports in Europe (18%), prices rose compared to a study just six months ago. However, an airport taxi does not have to be expensive. A taxi ride remains quite affordable at airports in Romania (9 EUR / RON 45) and Turkey (19 EUR / 16 GBP), according to a study carried out by AirMundo.com.

Prices rise

The prices for a taxi at European airports continue to rise. On average, a taxi ride to the centre of the city now costs 41 EUR / 35 GBP, or 1.99 EUR / 1.77 GBP per kilometre. The increased average in 2020 is due to a price increase at 9 of the 50 airports investigated.

This year, travellers pay more than last year at the airports in Munich (70 EUR → 75 EUR), Edinburgh (25 GBP → 30 GBP), Moscow Domodedovo (2,000 RUB → 2,300 RUB), Moscow Sheremetyevo (1,800 RUB → 2,000 RUB), Moscow Vnukovo (1,600 RUB → 1,700 RUB), Saint Petersburg Pulkovo (1,050 RUB → 1,300 RUB), Kiev Boryspil (450 UAH → 550 UAH), Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen (150 TRY → 200 TRY) and Ankara Esenboga (94 TRY → 107 TRY).

United Kingdom most expensive

The most expensive country in the survey remains the United Kingdom. Anyone flying to the UK and travelling by taxi onwards to the final destination can expect high prices. On average, a taxi ride to the centre of the city from the six largest UK airports costs 78.50 EUR / 67 GBP. For many business travellers this is acceptable, but not for the average person. Moreover, the high costs are partly due to the unfavourable locations of the London airports Stansted, Luton and Gatwick, which are far from the city centre.

Lower fares in Romania, Spain and Turkey

A taxi ride to or from the airport does not have to be expensive. In Spain and Turkey, for example, taxis are very affordable compared to the European average. At the five busiest airports in Spain, a taxi to the city centre costs 27 EUR / 23 GBP. Barcelona Airport is the most expensive (35 EUR) while Alicante Airport (20 EUR) the most economical. At the five busiest airports in Turkey, a taxi to the city centre costs only 19 EUR / 16 GBP. Taxi drivers at the airports in Istanbul (IST and SAW) charge an average of 200 TRY for a 50-kilometre drive to the city centre.

Taxi fares from the Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport, Romania mount to € 9 (45 RON) , while from Antalya Airport Turkey from € 7 (48.5 TRY).

The Airport Taxi Report Winter 2020 ‘Taxi fares at European airports’ compares the taxi rates at the 50 busiest airports in Europe. The report offers travellers an insight into the average prices for an airport taxi ride to the city centre. Prices of pre-booked taxis are not included in the comparison.

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