Hexi Pharma GM: The company intended to extend abroad, maybe that deranged


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The Hexi Pharma general manager Flori Dinu told the journalists on Thursday that the disinfectants scandal came up exactly when the company was getting ready to expand abroad, and that’s why they disturbed certain groups of interests.

“It’s surprising that this scandal came up precisely when we would like to launch our products on the external market and we had taken all actions, we had begun to attend international fairs and probably this is what bothered someone,” she said, adding that “when you start to become strong, you also become dangerous for many interests.”

Referring to Dan Condrea’s offshore accounts, Flori Dinu said she was only in charge of the company’s sales and knew nothing what the owner was doing with his money. “I couldn’t have dared to ask what he is doing with his money. He was not an open man, maybe this bothered many for he was not at large with anyone,” she stated.

Dinu also pointed out that in the past years, Hexi Pharma had signed contracts with the Military Hospital, penitentiaries, military units, private clinics and Public Health Directions, but that the compnay has never received any written or verbal notification thast the products would not be OK.

She stressed that Hexi Pharma products were all right, despite proves presented by the Government following the lab tests.

“The company’s image was clouded and I want to assure all those that used our products that they were conformable, I personally guarantee that,” she concluded.

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