High Court Chair Cristina Tarcea: More or less discretely, an assault on the 3-judge panels has begun. 5-judge panels drawn

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The chair of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) Cristina Tarcea said on Thursday that more or less discretely and assault on the 3-judge panels has begun, adding that the draw is part of a just development and has to be enforced to all panels, be them of 3, 2 or one judge in all courts.

“I believe it is my duty, as representative of the judiciary, to draw attention on one issue people should meditate on. It is about the 3-judge panels. It is not a secret that more or less discretely an assault on the 3-judge panels with the ICCJ has begun. I want to remind you that the High Court has not only 3-judge panels, but panels of 2 judges and one judge and, as we believe the draw of the panels ensures a just development, then this element is applicable on the panels of 3, 2 judges or of one judge in all courts,” Tarcea said before the draw expected on Thursday.

“I’d like to say that today takes place the last episode, but I am prudent and I have reserves. On November 7 the Constitutional Court issued the decision no.685 whereby reading there was a legal conflict of constitutional nature and the High Court was bound to proceed to drawing the 5-judge panels. It is one month and six days since the CCR decision. Therefore, now we are acting according to the decision to draw the panels,” Cristina Tarcea said.

5-judge panels drawn

ICCJ has organized on Thursday a new draw of the 5-judge panels for 2018, according to the request from the Judges Section with the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM). There are six 5-judge panels, as compared to 4 previously. At the beginning of 2019 a new draw will take place.

Three panels were drawn for criminal matters and three for civil matters.

C1 criminal matters – Nenita Simona Cristina, Dragomir Iulian, Epure Constantin, Marius Foitos, Matei Ionuţ.

C2 – Enceanu Simona Daniela, Rog Tatiana Lucia, Rus Alexandra Iuliana, Mera Luciana, Popa Rodica Aida.

C3 – Vasile Francisca Maria, Cerbu Silvia, Bogdan Ioana, Alexandrescu Anca Mădălina, Iancu Ana.

Liviu Dragnea’s file regarding the DGASPC Teleorman will be in charge of the panel which includes only women (C2).

Other files: On Calin Popescu Tariceanu – C3, file on Toni Grebla – C3, file on Victor Ponta – C1, file on challenge from Elena Udrea – C3.

In 2019 another draw will take place.



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