High Court draws the 5-judge panels for 2019

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The magistrates of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) have drawn on Thursday the 5-judge panels for civil and criminal issues. Six panels will be operating, unlike the four panels as it was until now.

High Court Chairman Cristina Tarcea said on Thursday, before the draw, that she hopes this year will be a normal and calm one, during which the rule of law is reinstated in its true value.

“I wish you all a better new year, calmer, normal, during which the principles of the rule of law are reinstated in their true value and position,” ICCJ chairman Cristina Tarcea said.

Three 5-judge panels were drawn on Thursday for civil and criminal issues.

The 5-judge panels with the ICCJ on criminal issues are as follows:

C1: Dragomir Iulian, Matei Ionut Mihai, Rus Alexandra Iuliana, Epure Constantin, Selaru Valentin Horia.

C2: Cirnaru Simona, Burnel Oana, Alexandrescu Anca Madalina, Enescu Dan Andrei, Nenita Simona.

C3: Mela Luciana, Bogdana Ioana, Lefterache Lavinia, Foitos Marius Dan, Iancu Ana Hermina.

The 5-judge panels with the ICCJ on civil issues are as follows:

C1: Copoiag Elena Carmen, Cirnu Iulia Manuel, Florescu George Bogdan, Hincu Cezar and Canacheu Claudia Marcela.

C2: Macavei Sorinela Alina, Visan Mirela, Gradinaru Blandiana, Baciu Mona Magdalena, Gherasim Elena.

C3: Paraschiv Mihaela, Brehar Paulina Lucia, Zaharia Rodica, Voicu Rodica Florica, Nastasie Veronica.

This is the fourth draw of the panels in the past months.

The new 5-judge panels drawn will not be assigned to judge on files regarding Liviu Dragnea, Sebastian Ghita, Toni Grebla or Calin Popescu Tariceanu. Their files have been already assigned after the draw conducted in December 2018. The first hearings in these files took place on December 19 and were postponed for mid-January.

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