High school admission and graduation exams might be held in July, simulations and Olympiads cancelled

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Written tests of the national exams might be held in July, and the tests will not comprise the curriculum for the second semester, Romanian Education minister Monica Anisie announced on Tuesday.

The national exams in Romania are the Baccalaureate (the high school graduation exam) and the national evaluation (the high school admission exam).

The date when these exams will take place depends on the evolution of the novel coronavirus pandemic in Romania, the minister added.

On the other hand, other exams and olympiads usually held in Romania will be cancelled.

Simulation exams for the second, fourth and sixth grades are cancelled for this academic year, likewise all olympiads and school competitions, due to the state of emergency and restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Baccalaureate special session usually held in May for the pupils who achieved good results at various Olympiads is also called off.

“The academic year is not frozen, but the Ministry of Education is working on a scheme to resume classes and exams after the state of emergency ends”, said the minister.

Other measures


  • The school records of the pupils will be closed with minimum two grades, plus the midterm result if the case.
  • Midterm papers’ subjects for the second semester will included the curriculum taught until March 11, 2020, when the lockdown was imposed and schools were closed down.
  • Timetables for admission to preschool and kindergarten admissions will be moved up.
  • Timetables for the above mentioned measures will be announced as soon as the date to resume classes is announced.
  • College entrance exams will be organised after students take their baccalaureate.


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