Hoghilag tuberose, the first flower in Romania and the third in Europe protected at European level

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The Hoghilag tuberose will be the first flower in Romania and the third in Europe protected at European level. The producers of this flower from Sibiu County will submit the documentation to the Ministry of Agriculture, on August 7, in the view of obtaining the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) from the European Commission (EC).

“This year, at the Tuberose Festival, organised on August 7-8 in Hoghilag, the applicant group – the “Centre of Excellence for the Promotion of Hoghilag Commune” Association will submit to the Ministry of Agriculture the documentation for Hoghilag Tuberose – Protected Geographical Indication for evaluation and completion. The Association has proposed to register the product in the Official Journal of the European Union and to represent all tuberose growers in Hoghilag. The geographical area established is the entire territory of the administrative territorial unit – Hoghilag Commune,” according to the agricultural consultant on geographical indications and European funds, Ionut Diaconeasa.

Currently, there are only two flowers in the register of geographical indications of the European Commission: the Gent Azalea from Belgium and the Szoregy Rose from Hungary.

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