Hold-up at bank in Bistrita

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A hold-up was committed in a bank in Bistrita on Tuesday, where a man threatened the cashier with a gun and stole a sum of money. Subsequently, the man left the bank and ran away.

According to the spokesperson of the Bistrita Nasaud county police, the man stole about RON 19,000. He put the stolen money in his bag, got out of the bank and allegedly got in a car which went off at a rare bat.

Investigators said that the man was around 30-35, high, athletic, wearing sun glasses and a cap over his face. The man threatened the cashier at a counter and after that he stole the money.

However, the bank’s staff managed to push the panic button.

At the same time, the police officers have also been warned by a saleswoman from a nearby kiosk who had been previously alerted by a bank’s customer. The saleswoman said that the client was inside the bank to pay her installment when he saw the attacker entering the bank and threatening the cashier. The client ran to the saleswoman and asked for her help. The saleswoman called the police.

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