How are Romanians doing in the time of COVID-19? They’re going out less, watching more films and are more worried about their finances

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While the COVID-19 epidemic is changing our daily life from one day to another and people are forced into social distancing, the first behaviour changes are emerging, as well as first worries and, inevitable, panic is coming out. Unlock Research has surveyed over 600 Romanians to see to what extent their lives have been changed by the current crisis.

The study revealed that 46% of the Romanians are concerned about their financial state more than about their health (40%).

50% of them said they are paying with their cards, smartphone or smart watch more often.

On average, all destinations are losing at least 60% of the usual attendance, as the priority going out is focused lately on going to the pharmacy (41%) and to the supermarket (35%).

The main indoor activities of the respondents are watching movies (62%), online games (59%), while 40 percent said they will focus on their hobbies.

70% of the respondents said their life had totally or partially changed following the new coronavirus pandemic, with their main concerns being related to personal finances (46%), health (40%) and mental health (28%).

81 percent of them have got out less frequently in the past week, and when they did get out, 41pc went to the pharmacy, 35% to the supermarket, 28% to the bank and 23% to the church.

The following items made it to the top of the shopping list: disinfectants (43%), cleaning products (28%), fresh vegetables and fruit (24%), beauty&care products (21%) and canned (20%).

Forced to spend more time indoors, Romanians resorted to watching movies (62%), listening to music (59%), and recycling (47%).

As for the main information sources, Romanians preferred TV (85%), and online media (60%). Facebook is the third information source after TV and online media (54%).

Although their life has changed a lot lately, Romanians voiced hope that they will return to their old lifestyles after the crises ends.

Unfortunately, Romanians do not trust that all their fellow citizens will observe the rules, saying they are afraid their self-isolation effort will be in vain.

On the other hand, respondents think that Romanians have an advantage in this global crisis because they are used to the hard times and unpredictable situations.

The survey was conducted by Unlock Research during March 14-17 on a sample of 628 respondents in the urban and rural areas.

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