How Do Romanians Prefer Their Coffee In The Summer?


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Romanians started consuming more and more cold coffee or frappé, with consumption increasing year on year, or rather from summer to summer, when a quarter of the coffee consumed outside the home (coffee shop, restaurant, other occasions) is cold coffee. In terms of consumption at home, so far only 10% of coffees served at home are cold and decaffeinated, according to research consistently conducted by a world food and beverage company.

According to the studies made in this respect, 4,735 coffee drinking occasions were identified in Romania, the most popular being hot, black, sweetened and consumed at home. Roasted and ground coffee is the most popular format among Romanians, with 49% preferring this type of coffee.

Compared to previous years, latte coffee has increased among Romanians’ preferences, coming first, followed by White Coffee, Cappuccino, Flat White, Latte/Latte Macchiato, White Americano and Frappuccino. Black coffee with water is preferred among soluble coffees, sweetened with sugar, with only 1 in 3 having other toppings, cream, honey, maple syrup. In capsules, espresso and lungo are preferred for black coffee, and in whites, latte dominates here too, followed by Latte, Flat White and Cappuccino. The ready-to-drink version is also preferred cold and with milk.

In Romania, about 40% of iced coffee recipes are with cream, vanilla, chocolate and caramel, ice cream, honey. Romanians prefer caffeinated coffee, so only 10% of iced and decaffeinated coffees. The most popular flavours in the Romanian coffee market are vanilla, chocolate and caramel.

In addition to the classic Frappé, there is also a growing interest in quick and easy to prepare iced coffee formulas at home, such as Dalgona, Iced Latte, Espresso Shaken or the classic Iced Americano.

“The consumption of iced coffee increases particularly during the July-August period, which is normal given that this is when temperatures are usually at their highest. Thus, consumption occasions increase with the temperatures and iced coffee is an optimal alternative for refreshment. In addition, available studies show that the incidence of iced coffee consumption is increased especially in the second half of the day,” explains Ramona Hărătău, Mixes Business Lead South Eastern Europe, Nestlé Romania.

“In Romania, about 85% of total coffee consumption takes place in the home, while only 15% of coffee or coffee-based drinks are consumed outside the home. In the iced coffee category, the proportion of consumption outside the home is higher, reaching up to 25%”, explains Ovidiu Tunaru, Business Executive Officer Nestlé Professional, Nestlé Romania.

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  1. Panagiotis Spyridis says

    Greek nescafe frappé is the only way. All the rest are either calorie bombs or milk with caffeine.

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