How has the Coronavirus spread in Romania?


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Romania is in the third scenario of the COVID-19 outbreak, meaning it has over 100 people infected (168 confirmed so far), with most of the cases being in Bucharest.

Most of the total number of cases are people returning from abroad, Italy, Israel or other states, however, a great part of them have a common infection source from other patients who have neither respected the quarantine nor declared they were coming from regions with problems.

The most flagrant case is the patient #17, the employee of the District 4 Public Domain Administration, the 60yo retired police officer who was initially admitted at Gerota Hospital and who had hidden the fact he had returned from Israel. The retired officer was admitted at Gerota Hospital (the Interior Minsitry’s hospital) on March 5. He infected several members of his family, but also the gastroenterologist who treated his case at Gerota hospital, who, in her turn, infected the Gerota hospital manager, some nurses and another patient.

About the Gerota case, the secretary of state within Health Ministry, Nelu Tătaru said the number of people who got in contact with the retired police officer exceeds 120.

Tătaru told Digi24 that there are currently 30 people diagnosed with the novel coronavirus who had been in contact with the former police officer, but the total number of his contacts exceeds 120, so the toll might rise.

Another case when the virus has spread from one person to more is the patient #27, the 26-year-old woman who returned from Italy to Hunedoara and who left the home isolation and was admitted in two hospitals without saying she had come from Italy.

Criminal file in rem against Liberal senator Vergil Chitac

The General Prosecutor’s Office has opened in rem criminal file against Liberal senator Vergil Chitac under the charge of foiling disease prevention. The senator attended a NATO meeting in Brussels during February 17-19 and is accused of infecting several other people with coronavirus.

NATO Secretariat General has informed all participants on March 6 that a member of the French delegation attending the February meeting had tested positive for COVID-19.

Vergil Chitac attended the PNL National Political Bureau on March 9 where 100 Liberals attended, including PM Ludovic Orban.

Chitac claimed he had heard about the NATO document on March 9 and that he had contacted a doctor on the same day and the doctor had told him not to worry if he had no symptoms.

Later on, Vergil Chitac, his wife, son, his secretary and other three Liberals attending the party meeting tested positive for coronavirus. Chitac’s daughter announced today that his father is at Intensive Care Unit, while calling people to stop blaming his father and saying their family is under “huge emotional and physical stress”.

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